DECIDE Law Enforcement Training System

National Force Training Academy is the creator of the DECIDE Law Enforcement Training System.

DECIDE is an acronym for De-Escalate, Control and Immobilize or Dis-Engage.

Contact us to learn how National Force Training Academy can maximize safety and minimize liability through professional Law Enforcement Training. We conduct professional training for every member of your agency and provided full time law enforcement use of force subject matter experts for consultation. For most agencies we are able to provide this service for less than two dollars per Officer per shift.


We step away from the traditional model of law enforcement use of force training that attempts to adapt combat sports and martial arts techniques to law enforcement. These techniques were not created with a law enforcement purpose in mind and do not fit the needs of contemporary law enforcement. The purpose of combat sport training is to create fighters and it takes many years of daily training to become proficient in the techniques. The purpose of our program is to provide Officers with the physical and mental tools needed to make tactically and legally sound decisions in the field to maximize safety and minimize liability. Our training is a control-based system designed specifically for professional law enforcement Officers. Every technique taught in the system is designed to increase the amount of reaction time the Officer has to make sound decisions. We also minimized the number of techniques taught and based each technique in the system on very similar concepts so that the system can be learned and effectively used in one training day with little to no additional practice time necessary. The simplicity of our system is what makes it so effective for every member of your agency. 

 In addition to to the physical training, we provide your agency with up to date training on current case law, trends and policies. We also provide your agency with a report writing template that simplifies the process of explaining any use of force for your employees. Another advantage of our program is immediate access to law enforcement use of force subject matter experts with many years of experience. This allows officers or supervisors to ensure the initial reports are properly written to reduce liability for your agency. The DECIDE Training System is an all-inclusive program covering all aspects of a use of force from initial contact to report writing and court preparation. 


Rather than training Officers to be fighters, National Force Training Academy trains Officers to be ethical guardians. De-escalation is built into every aspect of the training from language used to body positioning that creates distance and angles that allow the Officer additional time to make rational tactical decisions. It is stressed in all our courses that a peaceful resolution without the need to use force is the primary goal. This can often be accomplished by not rushing into situations that do not require immediate Officer intervention to prevent injury to another person. The result is a more professional approach to Law Enforcement and greatly reduced liability.

Control and Immobilize

In the event de-escalation tactics fail or immediate Officer intervention is necessary to prevent injury to another person, Officers are taught a takedown series where the Officer has complete control of the suspect prior to taking them to the ground. This avoids situations where Officers and suspects are involved in a uncontrolled fight on the ground which often results in a higher level of force being used and greatly increased risk of injury to both Officers and suspects. National Force Training Academy teaches a control-based system that does not include closed fist strikes to minimize the risk of injury to both Officers and suspects. The course also includes improved search positions to minimize the suspect’s opportunity to assault the Officer or flee and improved escort positions that prevent the suspect from being able to assault Officers during transitional spaces. Our course also minimizes the risk of in custody death by teaching Officers to avoid placing the knee above the suspect’s hips whenever possible. This position provides better control of the suspect while avoiding the compression of the heart and lungs that can potentially lead to serious injury or death.


One of the key principles of our system is the ability of the Officer to disengage at any point during a use of force to transition to another tool or create distance and wait for additional Officers. Every technique is specifically designed to prevent the Officer from being grabbed by the suspect and forced into a physical confrontation where the Officer is at a disadvantage. This is accomplished through proper body positioning throughout every technique. This principle is also a mindset shift for law enforcement that gives the Officer “permission” to disengage, create distance, and wait for additional resources rather than forcing confrontations that could lead to injury or a greater level of force being used.