Critical Incident Response Training



National Force Training Academy’s Critical Incident Response Training (CIRT) combines our Emergency Trauma Care Training and Active Shooter Response courses to provide a one day course designed to keep those around you safe and alive during any life threatening incident. This course was originally designed and taught for school staff but is now available for businesses and private groups as well.

Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel have an average of a 4-10 minute response time to any critical incident on campus from the time they are called. School Staff is responsible for the safety and survival of the students and the staff until their arrival.

Critical incidents can range from medical emergencies, playground injuries, traffic accidents on campus, breaking up student fights, dealing with an assaultive parent, preventing kidnapping of a student, campus lockdowns, evacuations, reverse evacuations, active shooter situations or a variety of other situations.

In the event of an active shooter on campus, medical treatment will be even further delayed due to the fact that the first wave of Law Enforcement Officers will be bypassing students and School Staff to locate and stop the shooter. In general, Medical Personnel will not make entry into the school until Law Enforcement has made the scene safe. This means the School Staff is responsible for the safety of the students, responding to immediate threats and treating any life-threatening injuries during that critical time period.

National Force Training Academy teaches you to effectively respond to a variety of critical incidents that may occur on a school campus. The course is taught by Law Enforcement, SWAT and Military Professionals with many years of personal experience responding to critical incidents ranging from immediate, life threatening medical emergencies, safely taking control of violent subjects, lockdown procedures, evacuation procedures and active shooter incidents. Parents expect their children to be safe when they drop them off at school every morning. We train Teachers and other School Employees to work as a Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) to calmly and effectively respond to any type of emergency that may arise during the school day. School Employees will be taught the most effective tactics for treating life threatening injuries, using cover and concealment during an active shooter situation, planning and executing effective lockdown procedures, effective evacuation and reverse evacuation procedures and if necessary to preserve life, effectively engaging and neutralizing an active killer on campus. The course also covers the mental and physiological responses to extreme danger and how to control the fight, flight or freeze response to make rational decisions under stress.

Emergency trauma care training is taught by an experienced Military Combat Medic and focuses on identifying and treating immediate life-threatening injuries while awaiting the arrival of paramedics. Treatment in this critical few minutes will often mean the difference between life and death.

This all inclusive one day course empowers your staff to recognize and effectively respond to a wide variety of life threatening incidents ranging from medical emergencies to an active shooter event.