Force Instructor Certification Course


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The National Force Training Academy Instructor Certification Course is an intensive 40-hour course that will certify students as Instructors of the most complete and legally defensible Use of Force Program available today. This course provides the students with a full use of force program they can teach at their Agency that exceeds all state and federal requirements.

The Instructors will have a thorough understanding and ability to teach of all areas of Law Enforcement use of force including tactical communication and de-escalation strategies, proper application of force when required and proper explanation and documentation of use of force.

The techniques taught in this Use of Force Program provide the highest level of safety to the Officer, the public and the suspect while minimizing civil liability to the Agency and the Officer.

Unlike most Law Enforcement use of force classes currently available, this is not a fighting system taught to law enforcement, it is a complete use of force program designed specifically for the challenges and legal constraints that Law Enforcement Officers work under on a daily basis.

This Instructor Course also provides the students with resources and access to a national network of Certified Force Instructors and Use of Force Experts.

The Force Instructor Certification Course is a 40 hour course covering the following:

  • Searching and Handcuffing
  • Strategies for when a suspect hides their hands underneath their body
  • Single officer escort
  • Two office escort
  • Control / Takedowns
  • Baton skills
  • Hobble
  • T.A.R.P.
  • Striking techniques
  • Ground defense
  • Gun retention
  • Gun takeaways
  • Carotid restraint
  • Report writing / Case law

This course provides you with the proper certifications to take the skills that you have learned and teach others in your department. This certification requires you to re-certify every two years to stay current.

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